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The Animal Lover Citi-Charms Bracelet


SKU: 81388-01-01
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Featuring favourite designs from The Animal Lover Citi-Charms Collection, crafted in 999 Pure Gold and 916 Gold. Perfect as an accessory or a gift. purchase these lovely charms individually or as a charm bracelet set.

Products Featured from Left to Right:

999 Pure Gold Zodiac Friends Dog Charm (81388-01-01),
999 Pure Gold Zodiac Friends Tiger Charm (81375-01-01),
999 Pure Gold Lucky Crab Charm (82120-01-01),
916 Gold Prosperity Elephant Charm (83253-01-01).

Free Leather Bracelet

Please indicate your choice of color (black, white, red, pink, brown, purple) for your Free Leather Bracelet in the remarks field upon check-out. Otherwise, a random color will be sent with the order.

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