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Alluring Birthstone Rings of England Pendants


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Express your love for fun with our Alluring Birthstone Pendants and add a pop of colour to brighten your outfit! Select from a range of precious and coloured gems, pearl and diamond.

Celebrate the beauty of colours with your unique birthstone.

January  - Garnet

Garnet symbolizes trust and friendship. Coming in a fiery red colour, this gemstone is considered a great gift for bringing across blessings and protection.

February – Amethyst

The Amethyst gem has always been the favourite of many, from the times of Egypt nobility. Believed to bring peace and calm, this gem symbolizes contentment and sincerity.

March – Aquamarine

Bringing together the words of ‘water’ and ‘sea’ in Latin, the aquamarine gem was once used as an amulet for good luck and fearlessness. Representing sparkling beauty and loyal commitment, this gem encourages clarity and honesty in life.

April – Diamond

The ultimate symbol of everlasting love, diamonds represent affection, strength and courage. Used in jewellery to communicate love for eternity, the clear diamond is believed to foster clarity and balance in life.

May – Emerald

The vibrantly coloured Emerald gemstone was the favourite of Cleopatra, believed to promote foresight and open the gates to immense fortune, with its representation of growth and wisdom in life’s decisions.

June – Pearl

The elegant cream-coloured pearl gemstone is coveted for its classic lustrous sheen of beauty. Used to bring positivity and happiness to their wearers, the beautiful pearls represent purity and happiness.

July – Ruby

The striking Ruby gem has been worn by royalty from the past to date. A representation of harmony between passion, wealth and peace, it fosters happiness and joy.

August – Peridot

Believed to protect from danger, the peridot gem encourages strength and continuous growth.

September – Sapphire

Loved and worn for centuries for its deep-blue colour and representation, the Sapphire gemstone represents faithfulness and loyalty, making it a great gifting option or for a promise to yourself.

October – Tourmaline

The beautiful pink tourmaline gem is stunning with its sweet pink colour. Representing positivity and compassion, be charmed by the gem that refracts light to create a beautiful accessory.

November – Citrine

Known as a gem filled with joy and bright energy, the Citrine gem is a symbol of success and prosperity, encouraging an abundance of good things.

December – Topaz

Its brilliant blue colour creates the beauty of the Topaz gemstone, promoting balance and joy in all things.

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