999 Pure Gold Market Price: $67.50
Workmanship Promotion: 30% OFF
Our Gold Price: $60

Founded in 2004, Citigems was the brainchild of Aspial-Lee Hwa Group, a leading goldsmith since 1970 and AMC Diamonds, a Belgium-based company, to meet the needs of a new stylish generation. A generation that takes inspiration from global fashion trends to create their own unique style and thus stories of where they have been and where they want to be.

This is why we've made it our personal mission to challenge the preconceptions of fine jewellery, essentially changing what we know of fine jewellery through design and experience. To inspire, to excite, to help you create your own style and story.

By collaborating with jewellery designers from various cosmopolitan cities, we want to bring style seekers an array of creative, inspiring and accessible pieces that's been designed purposefully to celebrate individuality.

Citigems, the fine jeweller where designers from cosmopolitan cities come together.