CITIGEMS is a jewellery design platform where designers from different cosmopolitan cities come together to create “Urban Style Fine Jewellery”.

“Our BRAND PROMISE is to continually inspire style-seekers with contemporary fine jewellery that are authentic and accessible for urban wear”.

We understand that the lady of today, while valuing precious metals and stones, loves accessorising, stacking, creating and expressing her own style for her wedding, a cool night out, a casual outing or dinner party, as well as being innovative in both receiving and her gifting approach. Our belief is to inspire style seekers with an assortment of modern fine jewellery and gifts designed from innovative trends from all over the world.

Our Brand Values


CITIGEMS guarantees genuine quality and sincere service excellence to every customer.


CITIGEMS welcome our customers in every way, through omni-channel experience, product display to customer service. We have Ready-to-Wear Diamonds, Gold and Gems collections accessible to you.

Design Excellence

CITIGEMS is passionate about achieving excellence in design. We are committed to continually surprise you with our designs from around the world.

Jewellery Collection
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1800 226 6888

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