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- Seoul Style 916 Gold Collection -

Seoul Style Earrings

Seoul Style Earrings

Seoul Style Earrings

Seoul Style Earrings

Seoul Style Ring

Seoul Style Ring

- 916 Gold Collection -

Floral Pendant

Floral Pendant

Twirl Bracelet

Twirl Bracelet


Twirl Bracelet

Ovular Bracelet

Dual Infinity Bangle

Dual Infinity Ring

Dual Infinity Pendant

Dual Infinity Earrings

Leaflets Bangle

Leaflets Ring

Leaflets Earrings

Infinity Heart Bangle

Infinity Heart Ring

Infinity Heart Pendant

Infinity Heart Earrings

Dual Hearts Ring

Dual Hearts Pendant

Dual Hearts Earrings

Curvy Bangle

Curvy Ring

Curvy Pendant

Curvy Earrings

Swirl Bangle

Swirl Ring

Swirl Earrings

Abacus Pendant

Prosperity Abacus Pendant

Dragon Abacus Pendant

Dragon Bracelet

Dragon & Phoenix Bracelet

Prosperity Ring

Luck Ring

Fortune Ring

Heart & Arrow Pendant

Heart & Arrow Earrings

Circular Earrings

Heart Earrings

Heart Ring

Love Ring

Hearts Necklace

Dual Key Pendant

Dual Key Gold & White Gold Pendant

Single Key Pendant

Key Earrings

Heart Bracelet

Enchanted Necklace

Feline Pendant

Roman Necklace

Hearts & Key Pendant

Oval Pendant

Gilded Star Pendant

Paw & Bone Earrings

Chandelier Earrings

Trinket Charms

Nautical Charms Bracelet

Enchanted Bracelet

- T’Uomo Collection -

Yellow Gold with Single Black Steel Cuff

Yellow Gold with Double Black Steel Cuffs

Rose Gold with Double Silver Steel Cuffs

Rose Gold with Single Tan Steel Cuff

Jewellery Collection
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